Veteran Service Group

Veterans deserve all the support they can get. With VSG, we’ll make sure you’re not alone.

About Veteran Service Group 


Veteran Service Group LLC began when a Senior Care Manager and Spouse, both Veterans, witnessed many of their peers being denied services that they DESERVED!  There are tons of senior aged Veterans, that are not receiving funding for their care..Why????....



After numerous calls to Veteran's Affairs, the couple found a fellow Veteran from prior service duties who assisted them with finding necessary information. The husband and wife duo were able to learn how the system works and  familiarized themselves with each and every service eligible to a Veteran in need. With this knowledge and their systematic approach towards advocating for senior aged Veterans,  completing the administrative steps, as well as staffing them with quality Personal Care Workers, Veteran Service Group has helped hundreds of Veterans quickly get through the difficulties of the VA maze and receive the benefits they DESERVE!


With the diligent efforts and collaboration of a team of US Veterans, VA Attorneys, human/social service professionals, and healthcare staffing agencies, Veteran Service Group is NOW operable and available to provide this FREE service in many states across the nation!