Do you have an older Veteran in your life? Do they need assistance in theirdaily living? If so, you may consider giving them the gift ofVeterans’ home carethis holiday season.

What is Veterans’ Home Care?

Home care is a form of Veterans’ care and elder care that allows your loved one to stay in their home instead of moving into assisted living or a nursing home. When your loved one receives this type of care, a home care provider sends employees to perform everyday tasks for them. These tasks include meal preparation and feeding, bathing and dressing, light housekeeping, and grocery shopping. When a home care provider performs these tasks in a Veteran’s home, it can improve the Veteran’s quality of life and allow them to stay in a familiar environment while they receive care.

Veterans’ Eligibility for Home Care Services

If your Veteran loved one receives a basic pension and meets specific physical and financial requirements, they may be eligible for the VA Aid & Attendance pension benefit. The physical requirements include being bedridden or remaining in bed for part of the day due to a disability, having a visual field of five degrees or fewer, and needing physical assistance to perform daily tasks. The Veteran must meet at least one of these requirements to receive Aid & Attendance benefits. The financial requirements include having a net worth of less than $129,094. These requirements ensure this pension benefit goes to Veterans who genuinely need it. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure if your loved one qualifies for VA Aid & Attendance. AVCC screens veterans for their eligibility for this particular benefit. If we find they are eligible, our team works tirelessly to make sure they receive this VA pension benefit. We are here to make sure they have the financial benefits to access the senior home care they need in their day-to-day lives.

How Can My Veteran Contact a Home Care Provider?

You and your Veteran loved one don’t have to worry about contacting a home care provider directly because our team at AVCC will reach out to them for you. We focus on pairing Veterans with care providers so the Veterans receive the care they need and the providers widen their clientele. This service is mutually beneficial and allows Veterans to receive personal care on their own terms.

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure if your Veteran loved one qualifies forVA Aid & Attendance. AVCC screens veterans for their eligibility for this particular benefit. If we find they are eligible, our team works tirelessly to make sure they receive thisVA pension benefit.

Why Should You Give AVCC’s Services to Your Veteran?

If the Veteran in your life needs assistance for daily living, their Veteran’s pension may not be enough to help them receive the care they need. By giving them the gift of AVCC’s services, you’re giving them the chance to access an additional Veteran’s benefit through our Aid & Attendance screening. You’re also giving them the support they need to maintain a good quality of life when we pair them with a home care provider. Receiving services through AVCC is similar to having an accountant prepare your taxes. You could do it yourself, but when you entrust these services to a professional, you pay a small fee to access major monetary benefits that help your loved one in the long run. Our team prepares your Veteran’s Aid & Attendance application and submits it to the VA. Then, during the application process, we constantly check in with the VA to make sure the application is moving through the system. We even have a VA-accredited lawyer on staff to make sure your loved one receives their Aid & Attendance benefits along with their monthly pension. Ultimately, a gift of AVCC’s services is the gift of advocacy for your loved one.

Give the Gift of Home Care Today

If you believe your loved one would benefit from our services, please reach out to us today. We were founded to help disabled Veterans access home care to improve their daily lives, and we want to continue doing that by helping the Veteran in your life.

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