If you want to know how to apply for Aid & Attendance, you may wonder how long theapplication processtakes before you receive its funds. Accordin

g to theVA’s website, their official answer is “It depends. We process claims in the order we receive them, unless a claim requires priority processing.” If that sounds vague, that’s because it is. If they leave it vague, then they can get away with taking as long as they want to process claims. They can also find different ways to reject claims. However, we at AVCC have applied for Aid & Attendance many times on behalf of our clients, so we give them a clearer picture of how long the process takes. Read on to learn more about the process.

The Process’s General Length

How long does it take before you receive the Veterans’ Aid & Attendance benefit? Broadly, it can take anywhere from three months (90 days) to six months. But the VA will expedite your application if you are over 90 years old or in hospice so you can receive this monetary pension benefit more quickly. However, you must meet certain requirements in order to become eligible for this particular VA benefit.

Physical Requirements for Aid & Attendance To qualify for VA Aid & Attendance benefits, you must meet at least one of following physical requirements:

  • You need another person to help you with daily tasks, including dressing, bathing, grooming, or eating.

  • You are bedridden or spend a lot of time in bed due to illness.

  • You have limited eyesight, specifically 5/200 vision in both eyes even with glasses or contact lenses, or your visual field has concentrically contracted to 5 or fewer degrees.

  • You are a nursing home patient after losing physical or mental abilities due to a disability.

If you meet at least one requirement here and you’re already eligible for a VA pension, you should apply for Aid & Attendance because you can use this monetary benefit for whatever you want after basic medical expenses are paid.

Income Requirements for Aid & Attendance If you apply for Aid & Attendance, the VA will look at your finances over the previous 36 months. Specifically, they will look at your countable income. What is countable income? It includes the majority of the income you receive, including your earnings as well as Social Security, retirement, and pension payments. The VA looks at your annual countable income and makes sure that it does not exceed what you receive in your VA pension. They also examine your net worth over the past 36 months to ensure it doesn’t exceed $129,094. The VA will check that you didn’t transfer any assets to lower your net worth to make yourself eligible for Aid & Attendance. Why are these financial checks necessary? They ensure that the Aid & Attendance pension benefit goes to Veterans who truly need the financial assistance and prevent people from abusing it.

How Can AVCC Help You Receive This Benefit?

Our team at AVCC pushes through the application process’s waiting period by contacting the Department of Veterans’ Affairs constantly. That way, we make sure your application moves through each step of the approval process in a timely fashion. We also keep a VA-certified attorney on staff to ensure your application is ready before we submit it. We perform these tasks so your application doesn’t fall into any loopholes that could lead to its rejection. You could apply to the VA for Aid & Attendance, but without anyone checking on your application’s status, it could languish in the process and never get approved. When you use our help with the Aid & Attendance benefit’s application process, you can be more confident that your application will be approved. It’s similar to hiring an accountant to do your taxes. When professionals do the job, you know it’s done right.

Why are these financial checks necessary? They ensure that the Aid & Attendance pension benefit goes to Veterans who truly need the financial assistance and prevent people from abusing it.

Start the Aid & Attendance Application Process Today

If you’re a Veteran or a surviving spouse who wants to apply for Aid & Attendance, reach out to us for a screening today. If you’re eligible for this benefit, we’ll work with you throughout the application process, and then we’ll connect you with home care providers in your area.

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